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Inquire about Adult Merchant Accounts & Payment Processing Services.

Accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover! For Offline or Online transactions.
If you are a New Business Or Even if you are an established retail business looking for better merchant account rates, has the business banking contacts and industry connections to set you up with great rates! We will pass on your information to the bank represenatives. We recommend you compare rates with other processors then compare the rates with the best merchant account rates for your adult higher risk business.

Please click the link below to go to our recommended credit card processing provider for high risk and low risk accounts.. Our Preferred Credit Card MerchantAccount Processing Specialist will then contact you as soon as possible regarding your credit card processing needs.

Click Here to Apply For a Credit Card Processing MerchantAccount

Mail & Phone Order:

Phone and Mail Order Merchant Accounts enable you to collect customer credit card payments without the customer being physically present with the credit card.

MCI offers many economical solutions for Mail and Phone order credit card processing. With new credit card processing options available from terminals, software-based solutions to Internet Virtual Terminals can meet your merchant account needs as your business grows.

Our credit card processing systems offer address verification (“AVS”) to help cut down on fraud and any potential losses from non-legitimate card orders.

Address Verification System helps reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions and/or charge backs because a credit card billing address is requested with any credit card charge and verified before authorization is given for a customer’s transaction.

Call and speak with a merchant account specialist about your specific business requirements. Or if you prefer, complete the form below for a specialist to contact

Adult Service Merchant Providers

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